Are you a person who cleans your house regularly? Do you sometimes feel that this cleaning is not helping much because it gets dirty easily, even after spending hours cleaning? Do you have tough stains and buildups in your home that feel impossible to remove? Let me introduce you to deep cleaning services. 

Deep cleaning is an extensive and detailed version of regular cleaning. It means cleaning your home thoroughly without leaving any part unattended. Deep cleaning services use different types of cleaning agents and equipment to remove dirt and tough stains and to disinfect the whole house. 

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What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is not something you do regularly. The specialty of deep cleaning is its attention to everything. You won’t be able to reach all the areas in your house with regular cleaning. Deep cleaning needs different equipment, which makes sure all the corners of your house get the attention they need. 

With the help of deep cleaning, you can remove tough stains and buildups everywhere in the house. It is a detailed cleaning, which is best to request when you’re moving in or out and when arranging any programmes at your home, such as parties and celebrations.

Areas typically addressed in deep cleaning:

  • Floors – Sweeping, Mopping, Scrubbing, and Steaming
  • Carpets, curtains and upholstery shampooing, Vacuuming
  • Kitchens appliance cleaning, Oven degreasing
  • Bathrooms disinfecting, Mold removal
  • Inside cabinets and drawers wiping off dust, Decluttering and Arranging.
  • Window cleaning cleaning frames and tracks

Benefits of Deep cleaning 

Is deep cleaning more beneficial than regular cleaning? 

Yes, it is. Both are highly important to keep your spaces clean. Since deep cleaning is a broad and detailed cleaning, it has its own benefits different from regular cleaning.

  • Hygiene:

Deep cleaning helps you keep your house and office clean with a fresh look. If you’re seeking the help of any cleaning services for the first time, the provider will suggest deep cleaning to make sure every nook and cranny is clean, and they will also disinfect these spaces. The hygiene you get from deep cleaning can be maintained with regular cleaning. 

  • Deeper clean:

Deeper cleaning is the main highlight of deep cleaning. More detailed cleaning processes have been added. You can opt to clean a specific space, like the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and so on. If you request a full house cleaning, all parts of the house, including furniture, carpets, doors and window frames, are cleaned. Since it is an extensive and expensive cleaning, it is done occasionally, once a month or quarterly.

  • It saves time and effort:

Regular cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. Deep cleaning, the most detailed cleaning, can take ten times more than regular cleaning. It is not something a single person can perform. For deep cleaning, you need assistance. That is where deep cleaning services come in. They are a group of specially trained individuals in cleaning. They know which type of cleaning agents to use on different surfaces and how to clean them without damaging it.

  • Extends lifespan of belongings:

Deep cleaning not only improves the hygiene of  the place, whether it is your office or home, but it can also substantially increase the durability of all your belongings. Hygiene is essential for us human beings to live a healthy life. It is the same in your belongings too. It is an important part of life. Deep cleaning services can identify the issues in your belongings and address them. This can also increase the lifespan and save a lot of money.

  • Increased property value:

Do you believe deep cleaning can increase the property value of your asset? Well, it’s true. If you wish to sell any of your property, request a deep cleaning before doing so. A clean and tidy atmosphere can give it a new and fresh look. This way, you can leave a good impression on the possible buyers and increase the property value.

deep clean blog

Disadvantages of Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is not recommended in situations where regular cleaning can work perfectly. There are disadvantages to deep cleaning. You should be educated about both the advantages and disadvantages of deep cleaning.

  • Cost:

The first and foremost disadvantage of hiring a deep cleaning service is its cost. The extensive cleaning process involves a lot of time and energy, as well as equipment and chemicals. They cost a lot compared to the regular cleaning service. This fact makes people hesitant to seek professional help with cleaning.

  • Privacy concerns:

Nobody likes having strangers at home wandering around and moving your furniture and other belongings. It might feel invasive, even if they are cleaning. During cleaning, your belongings could be displaced, making it difficult to find them. 

  • Potential for damage:

Deep cleaning is a service that is to be done carefully. There are factors that can damage your property and ruin it if the employees are not careful. Without proper training, an employee can’t perform the tough task of deep cleaning. The use of cheap chemicals on surfaces and an unprofessional way of cleaning can possibly damage your property.

Need for Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services help you live in a beautiful and clean house. They can make your house cleaner and more hygienic by disinfecting every time they deep clean. Let’s check why we need professional deep cleaning services:

  • When regular cleaning isn’t enough,

There can be situations when regular cleaning is not enough. Deep cleaning can be a lifesaver in those situations. Moving into a new home, preparing for a party, seasonal deep cleaning, and moving out of the house are a few of the situations where deep cleaning is highly recommended.

  • Lack of time or resources: 

If you are a working individual,. It might be so hard for you to clean your house regularly, which can result in excessive buildups of dirt and dust. Lack of time and resources can get in the way of having a clean and hygienic home. It is better to ask for professional help in these situations.

Deep cleaning services in Kochi

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