Professional housekeeping services in Kerala

housekeeping services in kerala

We provide end-to-end services to property owners such as hotels, resorts, and apartments for housekeeping services and all cleaning types, including the supply of housekeepers, janitors, and other cleaning staff in Kochi, Kerala. Housekeeping services in Cochin are essential to the management and upkeep of cleanliness and organization in both residential and commercial spaces. These services are required for creating a pleasant and healthy living or working environment.

Here are a few highlights of our housekeeping services in Kerala:

Residential housekeeping services in Kerala:

Our residential housekeeping services in Cochin, Kerala include the following:

  • General Cleaning:
      • Our complete cleaning services include duties like dusting, sweeping, and mopping floors.
      • We keep carpets and upholstery clean by thoroughly vacuuming them.
      • Surfaces, counter tops, and furniture are professionally cleaned and sanitized to maintain a clean environment.
  • Kitchen Cleaning:
      • Our kitchen cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of appliances such as stoves, ovens, and refrigerators.
      • We clean dishes and kitchenware to keep your kitchen clean.
      • Countertops and food preparation spaces are sanitized to ensure a hygienic cooking environment.
  • Bathroom Cleaning:
      • Toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs must all be properly cleaned and disinfected in order to maintain a hygienic and healthy bathroom environment.
      • Towels and toiletries are replaced on a regular basis to provide a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  • Bedroom Cleaning:
      • In bedrooms, we focus on replacing bed linens to create a comfortable and clean sleeping environment.
      • Furniture and surfaces are carefully dusted, and floors are either vacuumed or cleaned, resulting in a tidy and relaxing environment.
  • Laundry Services:
      • Our laundry services cover the entire cycle, from washing and drying to folding clothes.
      • Ironing services are also available when required, ensuring that your items are bright and ready for use.
  • Organization:
      • We go beyond cleaning by providing organization services to help you make the most of your living environment.
      • Arranging furniture and personal objects to create an organized and attractive environment is part of this.

In order to give you a comfortable, hygienic, and well-kept living or working environment, we are dedicated to completing these essential cleaning and housekeeping services in Kochi, Kerala.

Commercial housekeeping services in Kerala:

Our commercial housekeeping services in Kochi consist of the following:

  • Office Spaces:
      • Through services like dusting and workstation cleaning, we emphasize the importance of a germ-free work space.
      • To keep the workspace clean and neat, trash cans are regularly emptied and lined.
      • Floors are vacuumed or cleaned to maintain a clean office atmosphere.
  • Common Areas:
      • Our cleaning services include lobbies, corridors, and waiting spaces.
      • In order to provide a friendly environment for everyone, we are dedicated to keeping common areas tidy.
  • Restroom Maintenance:
      • Restrooms are properly maintained, including full cleansing and sanitization.
      • Toiletries and supplies are provided at regular intervals, ensuring a well-equipped and sanitary restroom environment.
  • Meeting Rooms:
      • We provide efficient operations in conference rooms by arranging the necessary furnishings.
      • Our staff makes sure the room is perfectly clean and prepared for use after the meeting is over.
  • Specialized Cleaning:
      • Our specialized cleaning services include the thorough washing of windows and glass surfaces.
      • We also offer detailed carpet cleaning and upkeep to ensure that your flooring lasts and looks good.
  • Event Clean-Up:
      • Our crew provides post-event cleaning services for conferences and meetings.
      • From quick trash disposal to complete cleanliness, we ensure that your area is returned to its pre-event condition.

Our commercial housekeeping services in Kerala are designed to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in your workplace, resulting in a professional and pleasant environment for both employees and clients. 


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