Reliable cleaning services in Kaloor

Kaloor is one of the major cities in Kerala. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Kaloor is the largest stadium in Kerala, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. There are several other factors about Kaloor that make it an interesting place to live and work. 

It is a bustling city with life, with Kochi International Airport and Cochin Shipyard within a few kilometers. The number of businesses operating in Kaloor is increasing every year. It also increases the cleaning needs of the city.

Smart Zero offers the best cleaning services in Kaloor, Kochi. We know how living a busy life and meeting deadlines every day can get in the way of living in a clean and healthy environment. We have different cleaning services to match your unique cleaning needs in Kaloor.

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Various types of cleaning services in  Kaloor

We understand the different cleaning needs in Kaloor. So we have various cleaning services to match the cleaning purposes accordingly. These services will be delivered to you at your convenience with high-class cleanliness.

Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning service is to clean residential areas such as apartments, houses and flats. To live a healthy life, it is necessary to have a hygienic living space. Detailed cleaning is available seasonally, and move in and-out cleaning services are there to assist you in moving in and out. We clean the floors, walls, appliances, kitchen, bathrooms and more.

Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial space gets a new look with our commercial cleaning service. Our team cleans your office spaces, breakrooms, common areas and restrooms. Our specialized cleaning services are available for your industrial and commercial spaces. After-hours services are there to serve you at your convenience.

Deep Cleaning

It is the most detailed cleaning service that reaches all the hard-to-reach places and removes tough stains and grime. Our deep cleaning service gives attention to every single detail. It gives your property a fresh and impressive look by removing all the grime in every nook and cranny of the kitchen and sanitizing it.

Special Event Cleaning

You can request our service before and after special events. Our trained professionals can make the venue look neat, well arranged and welcoming to guests in every possible way. Also, we can restore cleanliness after the events. Request our special event cleaning before and after parties, corporate events and community gatherings.

                                                   Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Kaloor vacuums, shampoos and removes all the dirt and dust accumulated in your carpets and upholstery. It eliminates odor, protects its fabrics, and makes them germ-free, leaving them looking fresh and new. Having your carpets and upholstery cleaned regularly is crucial for those who have allergies.

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Why choose Smart Zero in Kaloor?

You may be able to find different cleaning services in Kaloor. But we can bet you that you won’t be able to find anyone like us. The quality of the cleanliness we can give you is unmatched. What are the other qualities that make us stand out?

  • Experienced and Trustworthy Staff

We provide special training sessions for our cleaning experts regularly. It will prepare them to serve you way better. These training sessions introduce advanced methods and tools for cleaning. Our clients are very satisfied with our approach and service.

  • Customizable Cleaning Plans

We are well aware of the importance of time and purpose for our clients. So we are very flexible in our service offerings. Our various plans can be requested on suitable occasions. If not, we can customize our service for your needs, and it will be delivered at your convenience.

  • Competitive Pricing

With us, you get budget-friendly cleaning services in Kaloor. We have perfected every aspect of our services so that our clients will never be disappointed with us. You’ll get top-rated cleaning service in Kochi for the money you spend.

Our service area coverage

We are a cleaning company based in Kakkanad. But our services are not limited to Kakkanad. We offer our services to the neighboring areas of Palarivattom, Vyttila, Kaloor, etc. The top-notch quality and the availability of different cleaning plans have made us the most trusted cleaning service in Kochi. We are broadening our service coverage into different areas of the district. If you’re searching for affordable cleaning services in Kaloor and the neighboring areas, we have the most affordable cleaning services for you.

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Contact Us for Bookings and inquiries

We are a cleaning service in Kaloor that offers different types of top-quality cleaning, including regular cleaning, deep cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, seasonal cleaning and many more. We are one stop for all your cleaning problems and we have excellent customer service. You can contact us for bookings and inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional cleaning services have experts who are trained in cleaning. Their service can make your home and workspace neat and shiny in no time. You can save time and energy.

Professional cleaning services have moving in and out services for cleaning your space before you move there. We have moving-in service with us.

Professional cleaning services can be expensive sometimes. But we have affordable plans and customization to help you choose the right service.

Smart Zero is one of the best cleaning services in Kaloor. We offer various cleaning plans for our clients with super quality at an affordable price.


Here are directions for you to reach us easily.   

From Infopark, Kakkanad

Start at Infopark, Kakkanad. Head south on Infopark Expressway. Turn Right onto Seaport – Airport Road. Continue for approximately 1 km. Turn Left onto KINFRA Park Road. Drive straight for about 2 km to reach Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ). Continue on KINFRA Park Road until you reach the CSEZ. Navigate to Smart Zero cleaning services Nearby.

From Palarivattom Police station

Start at Palarivattom Police Station. Head south on NH66 (National Highway 66). Turn Right onto Palarivattom Bypass Road, Continue straight for approximately 3 km. Merge onto NH544 (Salem-Kochi-Kanyakumari Highway). Drive for about 4 kilometers. Take the Kakkanad Exit. Use the left lane to take the exit toward Kakkanad from NH544. Merge onto Seaport – Airport Road (HMT Road). Drive on Seaport – Airport Road. Follow Seaport – Airport Road for about 3 km. You will pass by the Infopark Junction.  Turn Left towards CSEZ. After passing the Infopark Junction, turn left onto KINFRA Park Road. Continue straight until you reach the Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) to reach Smart Zero, professional cleaning services nearby. 

From Lulu Mall, Edappally

Start at Lulu Mall, Edappally. Head southwest on NH66 (National Highway 66) from the mall’s main entrance. Continue on NH66. Drive straight for approximately 2 km until you reach the Edappally Junction. Turn Right at Edappally Junction. Turn right onto NH544 ( Salem-Kochi-Kanyakumari Highway). Continue on NH544 for around 5 km. Take the Kakkanad Exit. Use the left lane to take the exit toward Kakkanad from NH544. Merge onto Seaport – Airport Road (HMT Road). Drive on Seaport – Airport Road for 3 km. You will pass by the Infopark Junction. Turn Left towards CSEZ. After passing the Infopark Junction, turn left onto KINFRA Park Road. Continue straight until you reach the Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ). Reach Smart Zero cleaning services nearby.  Arrive at our main office to make a direct booking. We provide house cleaning and  office cleaning options for you. You can also choose our deep cleaning service for a complete and comprehensive cleaning of your space. We also offer furniture cleaning and carpet cleaning as well. Connect with us for professional cleaning services in Kochi.