Smart Zero, the premier destination for professional cleaning services in Kochi, holds itself firmly in its commitment to the highest excellence and a passion to keep the environment spotless. From regular cleaning to practically scheduled deep cleaning, customer service is our priority at all times. Join us as we reveal our most-demanded twelve types of cleaning services available online to our clients in Kochi.


1. Regular Cleaning Services:

We provide a range of regular cleaning services in Kochi customized to both small and different environments. This includes homes, apartments, offices, and commercial spaces, among others. Our team delivers thorough cleaning and sanitization services. From deep cleaning to disinfection and pest control, we assure fully clean and hygienic houses and workplaces for you.  These weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services offer several benefits for maintaining your lifestyle.

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2. Deep Cleaning Services:

Our fast and cheap home deep cleaning service ensures that you will not let the dirt or dust build up. It fits people who lack time because of household duties, and therefore our service is cheaper for people than several one time cleanings. In every bathroom, a bedroom, or a common area, we are experts at bringing fine details into the interior. Equipped with specialized in-house technician quotations in flash and willing staff, Deep Cleaning provides outstanding service distinguished by no other cleaner.

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3. Residential Cleaning Services:

You can get a home service for residential cleaning services in Kochi, which will help you have a better and healthier standard of living. We offer a full array of deep cleaning solutions, so you do not need to leave your home. Our highly qualified personnel will ensure that your entire house is cleaned efficiently, right up to the last corner. Whether floors are the problem or it’s the ceiling, furniture or appliance, our detailed cleaning procedures respond to all your woes about the house, rendering it a rejuvenated and healthier place. Join us in a modern, ecofriendly approach to cleaning services, including a flexible working schedule and customized treatments based on individual preferences. Our services may be scheduled either on a regular basis for routine maintenance, or ad-hoc for specifically planned cleaning sessions.

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4. Commercial Cleaning Services:

Smart Zero holds the reputable title of top-notch in commercial cleaning services in Kochi, providing an array of expertly modified solutions for companies to choose from. Using a careful approach, we undertake such processes as vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, and making office spaces and restrooms very clean and tidy. Moreover, we provide professional cleaning for hotels and restaurants in Kochi. The range of our eco-friendly cleaning services is wide enough to include carpet cleaning and polishing of windows, as well as floor maintenance and high-touch surface cleaning. We aim at customizing services and offering our plans in a flexible way by providing cleaning solutions that fit into the business operations schedule to keep disruptions minimal. Smart Zero will use highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology and their attention to quality control to ensure that you get excellent results and complete satisfaction.

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5. Industrial Cleaning Services:

Provides the best industrial cleaning services in Kochi, enabling industrial spaces, factories, and equipment to be in accordance with the current safety standards. From machinery maintenance to floor cleaning on a factory size scale, our advanced equipment and methods ensure the whole industrial facility works effectively. The scope of our services is to clean the food preparation area, as well as the kitchen equipment, exhaust hoods, and ventilation systems, and at the same time to assure that they will be in accordance with the health codes. Offering individualized service options, modern tools and experienced workers that are familiar with health and safety protocols, we provide efficient decontamination of industrial sites. The offered service is a key contribution to improving operational efficiency, which is achieved by making the cleaning of equipment and workplaces easier and improving a smooth workflow routine as required by modern industry norms.

industrial cleaning


6. Housekeeping Services:

We offer a wide range of hotel, resort and apartment housekeeping services in the city of Kochi, Kerala, for owners of the mentioned properties. Our services vary and cover all cleaning types, including supplying housekeepers, janitors and other cleaners. At home, we take care of general cleaning, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, and organization. We provide a full array of professional services for commercial spaces that range from germ free workspaces, clean common areas, restroom maintenance and specialized cleaning for meeting rooms and special events. Our services, which focus on cleanliness and hygiene, highlight the comfort and tidiness of the homes and offices of our customers in Kochi, Kerala.



7. Upholstery & carpet cleaning services:

Smart Zero supplies qualified upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Kochi, recognizing the importance of organizing tidy and trouble-free living spaces Through our intensive, hygienic deep cleaning of the upholstery as well as the carpeting, we eliminate germs and potential allergens. To give a thorough cleaning and get rid of bad odors, we provide deep shampooing in addition to vacuuming carpets. Through the use of standard industry machines in addition to safe cleaning chemicals, we can help you create a comfortable and relaxed ambiance in your living area. We can provide a wide range of customized specialized services, such as steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and spot cleaning. Smart Zero takes it to the next level when it comes to getting rid of dust and stains. With our upholstery and carpet cleaning service, your home is sure to be clean, tidy, and vibrant in Kochi.

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8. Glass Cleaning Services:

We offer glass cleaning services in Kochi according to individual customers’ requirements. Applying modern tools and cleaning chemicals, our specialist cleaning team is responsible for a smooth surface of glass windows, partitions, and cladding in apartments, houses or large office premises. The longevity of the glass can be significantly enhanced by regular cleaning. The pollutants, dust, rain, and hard water stains won’t damage the surface of the glass if it is kept clean and shiny. Our professional internal and external glass surface cleaning guarantees complete, clear, and visually appealing glass, thus improving the acceptance and attractiveness of your spaces. Contact us for more detailed information and enjoy the difference with Smart Zero’s glass cleaning services in Kochi.

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9. Disinfection & Pest Control Services:

Smart Zero provides total household disinfection as well as pest control, ensuring your family lives in a clean and safe environment in Kochi. Looking to eliminate harmful bacteria like COVID-19, our cleaning method combines deep cleaning with chemical washing for complete disinfection. With the application of ULV technology, we both fog and spray the surfaces in your home to create a virus and insect resistant environment. Our pesticide services focus on a wider range of pests, including insects and rats, among others, using odorless and safe methods meant for residential use. We provide safety and quality in addition to a clean and pest-free living environment. Through this, you get to have a happy mood and live healthily without pests.

disinfection & pest control


10. Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services:

We understand that the option of relocating or leaving our current location has caused a range of emotions, including excitement and stress. Move in / Move out Cleaning packages enable us to customize cleaning solutions according to your needs at the time of relocation from one place to another. When you are trying to move either in or out, the cost inclusive arrangements will certainly make your old house clean and safe for the next resident, while your new home is fully disinfected and sanitized, ready for a fresh start. From waste disposal to asset management, through an end cleaning process, we achieve this in a very efficient way. By doing this, you can do what is really important for your move. Smart Zero will make your relocation easy while ensuring your home remains cleaner and more welcoming with smart solutions.

move in/move out cleaning


11. Flat Cleaning Services:

Explore the perfect solution to keep up the cleanliness of your apartment with Smart Zero in Kochi. We provide bespoke cleaning services tailored to your timetable, which means that your space stays clean and welcoming. We have a range of services, from regular to quarterly, that are brought to you by our best of class team and meet your needs. Besides cleaning, we perform full housekeeping in apartments and complexes, where every element is taken care of to the very best. With its skillful cleaning crew, highly skilled workers, reasonable prices, unwavering commitment to quality, and client satisfaction, Smart Zero is your reliable partner for safe flat or apartment cleaning services in Kochi.

flat cleaning


12. Office Cleaning Services:

Keeping the workspace clean and well-organized is a mandatory factor for a productive working environment, employees’ satisfaction, and the good reputation of the company among clients. Our office cleaning services in Kochi provide budget-friendly services that eliminate tradeoffs. The maintenance of their quality and professionalism is not at stake. We provide customized office cleaning packages that include thorough cleaning, frequent upkeep, and sanitization. All of these services are provided with scheduling flexibility and are tailored to your specific needs. To complete the list, we offer curtain, blind, and window shade cleaning, along with universal housekeeping and office cleaning services, to maintain the perfect shape of your working space. A tidy office not only boosts productivity, but it also gives the first impression a clean start, and it allows people to be happy and motivated, hence breaking all the chains that tear performance and efficiency apart. Connect with us to get the benefits of office cleaning services.

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The twelve types of cleaning services we are offering aim to give life, identity and purity to space and provide it with classic beauty and peace. Experience something new that you have never experienced so that you will understand why we are your first choice whenever you need any particular cleaning job done. Contact us at +91 7356894441, +91 7356894442, or +91 7356894443, or you may email us at