Furniture and Carpet cleaning for Pet Owners in Kerala

Are you a pet parent who struggles with your furniture and carpet cleaning? Growing pets is all fun until it comes to keeping a clean and hygienic home. Your house and the upholsteries in it can get dirty easily, and managing the cleanliness can be a real headache when pets love staying outdoors.

It is very important to keep a standard of hygiene at home for both pets and the owners to live a healthy life in Kerala. 

Common Challenges Faced by Pet Owners in Kerala

Pet owners in Kerala face a lot of challenges regarding maintaining a clean home environment. A pet, whether it is a dog, cat, or any other animal, sheds hair every day. Based on the breed, season, and health conditions, it may vary. These hairs can get into every nook and cranny of your house. If you’re an allergic person to dust and dander, this hair accumulation will worsen the condition.

The Difficulty of Removing Pet Hair with Regular Cleaning in Kerala

Are you thinking about removing the accumulated pet hair with regular cleaning? It is a tried-and-failed method to bring back the cleanliness of your home.

  • Stains and odors: Your furniture, carpets, and floors can get stained from pet urine, vomits, and the stains they leave from tail wagging and touching the surfaces with their dirty noses. There will be a persistent odor of your pets on the fabrics, carpets and furniture. Regular cleaning won’t be sufficient to tackle these struggles.
  • Allergens and dander: Pets can bring different types of allergens to your house. The hair they lose from their bodies is an allergen. You can find the dander from your pets everywhere at your home, reducing the air quality. Regular cleaning will not be a solution for this situation, but it can greatly minimize the impact of the dander and allergens.
  • Scratches and damage: Pets love scratching things they like. It will be troublesome when they love scratching your furniture surfaces and damage them. Preventing your furniture and other upholsteries at your house from scratches can be quite tricky. Buy scratch resistant furniture or buy covers that will protect it from getting scratched. Buying scratching posts for your pets can also reduce this problem.

Pet Friendly Cleaning Products and Methods in Kerala

We all use different chemical products to clean our houses that are harmless to humans. When you have pets at home, you should make sure the product you are using is not harmful to the little animal you love.

  • Introduction to pet-safe products: Using toxic chemicals for cleaning purposes will do more harm than good. Buy pet safe products to clean your house and furniture. The harmful chemicals at any surface can put the health and life of your pets at risk.
  • DIY cleaning solutions: You can make cleaning solutions at home with natural ingredients like baking soda, citrus juice, vinegar, etc. These homemade cleaning products will never harm you or your pets. If you don’t like homemade cleaning solutions, go for plant based cleaning products available at the market.
  • Regular cleaning techniques: Keeping a clean environment is very important for a healthy life. With regular cleaning and routine maintenance, you can have a neat and clean home to live in with your pets. Grooming your pet regularly will also help reduce the hair accumulation in your house.

Removing Pet Stains and Odors Effectively

There are several methods we should follow to remove pet stains and odors effectively.

Immediate action steps

You should have the essential cleaning solutions and tools to handle the fresh stains immediately and efficiently. It is better to remove the stain as soon as possible to prevent it from leaving its mark for life.

Deep cleaning methods in Kerala

Deep cleaning is an excellent choice of cleaning method to maintain a super hygienic house with your pets. Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface level of cleaning by thoroughly removing dirt and buildup with vacuuming, steaming, and disinfecting. Enzyme based cleaners are best to remove the persistent odor.

Professional cleaning services in Kerala

When it seems like your regular cleaning and DIY cleaning are not serving their purpose, you should know it is time to consider professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning services in Kerala offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for pet owners. They have professionally trained personnel who can make your home shine. Smart Zero is a famous professional cleaning service in Kerala, preferred by pet parents for furniture and carpet cleaning.

Tips for Maintaining Cleanliness with Pets

Following the tips given below can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home with your pets.

Routine maintenance

Clean your pet areas regularly to keep your house clean and neat. It is better to make a plan for daily cleaning and weekly cleaning. Grooming your pet should be part of routine maintenance. Without grooming your pet, other cleaning activities will go in vain.

Protective measures

Take effective protective measures to prevent your pets from damaging your furniture and carpets. You can use covers and throws to protect your furniture from scratches. The most cost-effective method to avoid scratches is to train your pet to avoid certain areas. Buying scratch posts will also help them reduce this behavior.

Cleaning schedule

Consistency is the key to maintaining the cleanliness of your house when you have pets. With regular cleaning processes and routine maintenance, you and your pets can live in a healthy home environment.

We understand the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of your home to live a healthier life. Growing pets at home can be a challenge in maintaining a healthy environment where you live. Smart Zero is a professional cleaning service in Kerala that has an expert team focused on furniture and carpet cleaning for pet owners. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for your home and office at affordable prices. Book your slot with us to free your home from the debris, dander, and allergens brought by your pets.